Malcolm Edmunds: naturalist

natural history interests over 50 years


Malcolm Edmunds, Zoologist and Naturalist

 I have had a life-long interest in all aspects of natural history and have been fortunate to be employed as a zoologist for my working life.  I have been able to carry out research into a variety of animals ranging from sea slugs and spiders to butterflies, caterpillars and hoverflies, in countries including Britain, Jamaica, Ghana, Tanzania and Malaysia. I have been active in wildlife conservation and am currently vice-chair of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Sadly, with the ever increasing threats of climate change, habitat destruction and overpopulation many of the wonderful and fascinating animals and plants of the world, including some of the ones that I have been able to study, are heading for extinction.

In my personal life I am a Quaker, and my wife and I have two children and two grand-children living not far away. Our concern for the need to reduce our use of non-renewable materials has led us to install solar panels for hot water and photovoltaic panels to generate electricity.

These pages summarise my main research interests with a selection of photo images.